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Monday, September 22, 2014

Donkey or Elephant?

With the reappearance of HOMELAND-the greatest spy series-in my humble opinion...even topping 24, comes CBS with Madame Secretary. I like Tea Leoni.

She's a pretty good in her convictions and foreign policy plays for a Democrat or is she playing a Republican? Who knows? It's the magic question posed from the pilot show.

The pilot was actually very good. I look forward to another.

And The Blacklist returns. Another network great.

Then we have The Walking Dead. Obviously, the winter months are going to find me hooked to the television and books, rather than getting my inside home fixes completed on The Harry Potter House.

Is it appropriate to call out a FAIL before any efforts begin?

Do you have a favorite show?

What books are you going to tackle this winter?

Taking up knitting?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dog Sick

My friend wants me to join her in Yoga two mornings a week before work starts. I don't know if I am interested in giving up my early mornings, which means getting up two hours earlier. Perhaps I am over thinking it.

Despite the fact I made fun of Yoga, I think it teaches a good thing. We are all beautiful. It also is a good form of meditation while at the same time, helping with balance and mobility. One of my wise old friends (81 years old) told me I should do Yoga and try it for a month. If I didn't like it, then ditch it. But, she said, I would probably come to realize it would change my life. She said it is also a great way to slim down. By visualization?

All those who claim Yoga keeps them a size four and looking fine....I call booolshit.

That comes from other combinations of eating clean, caring about your well-being, and exercising. And truthfully, some people just are blessed with good genetics. I am not so lucky. I really have to work at it.


Because I would really rather have that huge Prime Rib steak than a salad with an apple for dessert. And it would really like to stick on me.  But I don't feel good with a steak on my thigh. At this age it is more difficult to feel mobile and strong without crepitus.

So what is the solution for old folks? Yoga? Some say so.

I say, maybe. Maybe I will try it again and work on my balance.

Add in another class. It's not like I don't fill all my work time and time in between Bug's school time with workouts of some sorts. I work out during lunch. I run when she is in bed. Now...early mornings? Maybe. I don't regret the weird scheduling. That way I don't miss out on her time with me.

So perhaps I will become a Yoga fanatic.

Call me a freak.

I just hope I don't axhale so much. It's embarrassing.

In the meantime...Moose and I are going to rest. I am still sicker than a dog. What does that mean anyway? Moose is not sick.


Today is a far cry from yesterday. I have been very sick, fever all day, in bed with Moose. He has not left my side except to go outside with Bug to potty.

Yesterday, I was talked into a Yoga class. First one ever. The closest thing to Yoga I ever got to was having a mat.

New "near south" words:

sawl-spelled s-a-w=past tense of see. visual observation

axhale=spelled e-x-h-a-l-e=to let air out. In the near south, it must be done with conviction as emphasis on AX.

The instructor played a lot of instrumental music, some Jason Mraz and kept the lights  low. 

I felt myself in awkward positions. In some of those awkward moments, I also found myself sleeping.
Yoga stretches all your muscles and works on balance. I mean, where else can you do a swan, be a tree, and lean against a wall in a hand stand for Zen magic?
And it was all about loving yourself...you are beautiful... in all these awkward pretzel poses...
Did you know, the downward dog has nothing to do with smelling balls?
The child's pose is my favorite. Why? Because I could actually do it without my muscles crying for help.
And let it go...the pressure...let it all out...relaxing all your muscles, letting go of the stress...
Our last song of the class...
I sang my own lyrics in my head...
"You can't make your fart feel something it won't
Here in the dark...in these final hours...
I will lay down my fart....
I feel the pressure...but you don't...
And FART...
Yes, Yoga is that relaxing. AXhale...let it out...
Once I get up off this floor...
I can scratch that off my bucket list.