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Thursday, October 30, 2014


You know, if I had duct tape or a little lift, my boobs would be toward the sky and I would appear thinner instead of looking like I am pregnant when I tuck my boobs in my pants. I should not resemble a donut eating cop only in disguise as an old woman fighting gravity. Do you know when I Google "fat politician" that Chris Christie comes up in all sorts of images. How rude is that? I almost felt sorry for the guy. I think he is losing weight because he was told that no one would elect a fat president. Growing older isn't what it's cracked up to be. And why can't I be one of those girls with no boobs so I am always perky?

                                                              Photo credit: Pinterest

And speaking of Christie, I chuckled at him telling a heckler to sit down and shut up..LIKE.A.BOSS. That's right, Mushmouth, you been TOLD. I liked his follow up explanations and offers to the man as well. It's about time someone just gave it out there and shoots straight even if it comes across as abrasive or blunt.

Does it boggle your mind that Kaci Hickox is on a government standoff over a quarantine that just seems like common sense and routine to me? I can't help but think she isn't out for the good of the whole thing, but to make a historical moment, gain some fame, OR just be an overall difficult woman. It feels like Ruby Ridge without guns, but with germ warfare. I know that is extreme, but let me tell you...I. DON'T.GET.IT.    It's not imprisonment, it's a precaution. I commend all those who fight the good fight, but then you have to know the protocols when you come back. It's elementary.

Do you find it amusing Obama had this big hoopla speech last night and said a lot about nothing? Oh, except the peeps are heroes and more Ebola is coming to the US. Duh. Tell me something I don't know. He told me NOTHING but FLUFF.

Make.A.Effing.Decision.And.Stand.By.It. I am so frustrated. Put protocols into place. Abide or suffer. That's my rules. Yes, they are all heroes and I admire and commend anyone assigned or volunteering to fight humanitarian efforts, world epidemics, wars, etc. My heart goes out there. But when you come home, you have protocols if you have been exposed to things for the safety of yourself and others. It's not prison. I'll show you prison. Actually prison is probably a cakewalk compared to a quarantine. NO! I am joking. Quarantine is not punishment. It is just procedure. And the President said nothing. I watched the television FOREVER waiting to him to say something about protocol and slam down the gavel. Peshaw. I decided I would read it online later. And still NOTHING!!!


Speaking of weenies...My daughter has been coming home eating everything in sight like a gluttonous teenager and my first reaction last night was Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot. This was before the horrible reflex catastrophe. I asked her why she was like this and was she eating her school lunch. Do you know what she said," Mom, we don't get much to eat at school anymore. It's because of Obama. Michelle Obama." I snorted water out my nose. Ok. Here is my question...Is that her conclusion drawn from the new lunch program? Or is she hearing that from school administrators? 


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mishap At The Harry Potter House

Moose is hogging the bed. He comforts me.

Bug came up to me in attempts to scare the wits out of me. In instinct, I reacted. Nice strike to Bug's face. I sit in anticipation of tomorrow's visit from the Popo. She cried and then we laughed. I am not sure if I broke her nose.

I asked her what she learned. She cried. I said, "That your old slow mom still has super secret Ninja skills and you should not attempt to sneak up on her?"

She cry laughed, "yeah."

I feel so small. Is it possible to be the size of minutia?

Slopping Hogs

Facebook is full of fun.

Why? Because I can poke little things out there to stir up the masses.

For instance, I have several friends who are very far left wingers. I'm a middle ground player but they might think of me as a right winger...or maybe not. Several of my friends have been posting things about Sarah Palin and making fun of her if she decides to run for President in 2016. I would not even support the issue. I don't dislike her as a person-I don't know her- I just don't think she has a head for running our nation. I would go hunting and fishing or jogging with her any day...but support her in running our country...no way.

So anydebate, her friends were putting jabs out there which were only nasty comments and slides rather than really getting to the meat and potatoes of the whole thing. Sure, they think she is a wing nut, but they were just being mean rather than talking about the political issues a candidate needs to tackle and what she lacked or had knowledge of. They were going on and on as if she had the support and nomination. So...I said she would not have the backing and no one wants to support a losing candidate. I was told I was wrong and had it all backwards, that it was like a nut shell game. I agreed with the fact that no one wants to back a NOT winning candidate.

What do we know about Palin? History tells a lot, although people can change. The problem is if it is genuine. Behavior. Experience. Knowledge of foreign politics. I guess I think of her as a television commentator and I can't take her seriously as a Presidential candidate. I wonder how many people cringe when she speaks on some topics they believe she has no to little understanding. I may have a different view of her than some. I have read her books, I researched a lot of her political views and platforms when she was a running mate with John McCain. Everything she did was not all bad and the media did and still does pick on her or inaccurately portrays some things. She definitely is a soccer mom type who hunts and fishes. This part of her sent out sympathy from me because would they view a woman from an isolated town in Wyoming much the same if she changed her own tires, killed her dinner, and fished for appetizers out of a stream. Accent? Of course if you don't sound like a dry news anchor, you will be made fun of and isn't it funny how southern politicians with thick drawls get a slide, but Alaskans don't? Is it because she comes from a land so different that they aren't REALLY classified with the rest of the 48? What if she plucked raspberries from her garden? Oh, my! A woman Presidential candidate who can cook, clean, ride a horse on the range, and fixes hot dog! Tell me it isn't so! I guess one thing you have to give her credit for...she and her family got publicly flogged and they kept fighting back. Yes, I have a little respect for that. I don't think she is the right material for politics. 

Another friend of mine and of hers posted that according to the logic "here", that if Hillary was any kind of woman, there would be no need for Monica Lewinski. That got me rolling...spit coffee all over the place.

I think it is pointless to argue with these folks or even post my thoughts about the matter because a Republican trying to voice themselves or attempting to have a sounding box on a left wing post is grounds for stoning. I'm sure the same is true in reverse. And people are so steadfast in their ways even if you agree with them...if you are of the other side...it has to be a strategy ploy.

When Democrats are calling someone a "wing nut" or "crazy" perhaps it isn't the best atmosphere to have a serious debate and I should just leave it alone. But I can't help it! I think they taunt me.  I did not even put my two cents in what I think of evil Hillary and why would anyone support a mean woman like that who would not bat twice to play dirty pool politics... OK. I will stop. But I can't! I have grounds for my views and I have back door experiences during the Clinton presidency. And Hillary was already president once, she shouldn't get to play in the sandbox twice. Ok. Enough with the puns.

It's just like the cop haters on news feeds. I have to put my little jabs of common sense out there. It is amazing how many likes you get when you make sense. There is a smile and a warming of the heart. I just got validated! So what if there are only 26 "common sensers" and 1,345,657 "haters" on a page?It's a movement! I should have been a hippie.

On the slamming of Palin, I followed up with the fact that I stood by my ground I didn't think Sarah Palin would get nominated because the majority of Republicans do not support her as a presidential candidate and all this is obvious after the last fiasco. It is how I feel. I think they need some prime meat in the stew, otherwise the Republicans are all going to be tossed out the window as slop for hogs.

Photo Credit: Ballotpedia.com

So here is a list in no particular order except I believe it was designed by a Democrat because they are in no particular sensical hierarchy except for HILLARY CLINTON IS ON THE TOP LINE in their row. Puhlease. Might I just say, could we confuse people any more with the names like Rand Paul and Paul Ryan? Is the last the first or the first the last. Yikes. What were their parents thinking?

So do any of these look good? Which ones are you watching?

Are you sick of politics yet? We still have 2 more years of this!