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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Gun Brutality

Violence. That is the new overused word in the news. The prerequisite is the word: "gun". According to Google I get "About 33,000,000 results (0.38 seconds)."
Wow! That is fast service and so many choices. 
Are you shockened to know that the first and foremost hit is: Everytown.org. 
You shouldn't be. 
SHOCKENED IS A WORD. Urban dictionary: best word ever made 'nuff said. Yeah. 

Plus, sharing inner thoughts: this really cute lacy pink bra I have on is making me have a better day. I think I Google better with it on. Also, I'm having a "my pet rock even ran away day" today. 

I tried to Google "gun violence" to get the Webster's definition but it led me right to "gun control." Strange. I wonder if Webster is a far left wing liberal. Wikipedia gave me a definition but said it was violence with a firearm, not necessarily criminal. Weird. The short definition of violence is "brute force or brutality". I prefer gun brutality if we are going to create television drama, you media pussies. Let's get brutal.

The Google definition of violence: strength of emotion or an unpleasant or destructive natural force.

"the violence of her own feelings". 

I don't think I even understand that one. 

More inner thoughts: I am about to sound like a flaming liberal is trying to escape a Republican body. Ignore that. It's really a middle of the road Republican viewpoint. 

Anyway, my point is this is all stupid word play in order to get discussions going about gun control again. Secondly, "feel good laws" are those they want to fast forward  or create some executive order to make the victims feel better that Uncle Sam has their backs guns. No, I am not in denial. I am being real about it. Actually, it is talk to make the victims' families feel better because all the victims are mostly dead. I'm not making light of that. It is just the truth of the matter. Sad reality. 

It's so funny we want to hand out bandaids that fall off when we sweat and don't even keep a wound sterile rather than go in and dress the wound properly. We are overmedicated. Depression is killing us. Pharmaceuticals are overused. In fact, those companies are movers and shakers in the medical world...powerful...and not in a good way. We are disconnected. Our kids play too many video games and don't play outside. We don't give a shit. About much really. In general terms. Our kids are selfish. 

Our food has too many additives and sugar and we just feel yuck a lot. The FDA is a joke and can be bought by the highest corporation. They hand out crack to Americans by way of sugar. 

Americans are very unhealthy. Fix the food. Fix the mind. Exercise the bodyI know from experience I feel like a new person by applying those ideas to myself. And I'm Charlie Brown; the girl version who is haunted by a black cloud of bad luck and work related medical issues. 

These underlined sentences are all left ideas. *shudder* Who is the President? *shudder* A Democrat. Why isn't there a shakeup? They just like to talk about it. Throw it in our faces.  Ideas are carried out half-assed. Oh just fucking recycle something for Pete's sake. It makes us all feel good. It won't solve world problems, but each piece might help. I don't know if liberals think it might end global warming by recycling and shutting down fossil fuels. Whatever. But we can be more responsible resource users. 

Start with yourself. Get healthy. If you feed the physical machine, the mental benefits comes along with it for free. And if you occasionally need a glass of wine...have one. If you need to go meditate on a mountain. Go do it. Just don't jump off it. 

Get up. Get going. Save America. Stop being lazy. I have been. 

Fix the food. Fix the mind. Exercise the body. We are all in control of these three things on our own selves and our families. Be well. 

You would be surprised what all that would do.  I bet everyone could maybe stop shooting each other even. Concept.

(Mic drop)

No...I have not been smoking weed. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mother Seuss

What happens when Dr. Seuss meets Mother Goose:

Hillary dillary dock
The shit is about to dock
The lies were a ton
The truth was no fun.
Hillary dillary dock.

One wish
two wish
three wish
four wish.

Squash the wish
Wash the wish
Lost the wish
Veto the wish.

This one cancelled from afar
Oh look a nice car
Say! What a lot
Of dreams there are

Yes! Some were new.
Some were old.
Some were progressive.
Oh what to do!

Why are some good and new and fun?
I do not ever have a clue
But I know they are all done.

Veto! Rewrites! Squish them like a bug.
I'm Hillary, dammit, actin' like a thug.

From there to here and from here to there
Trounce the common, handouts everywhere!

Monday, November 23, 2015


Sometimes I get sensory overload from news. I have to gaze or glance at multiple sources on either side to find "few" facts. Facts remain to be found. Or truth. Where is truth?

I think I know truth most times but I have no idea where to find it in news anymore. Will we ever know 100% truth? Ever? That's a good question. I have some doubts. Plus you throw in perspectives and whee! (roll, bounce) truth gets a little skewed. Local stations are supposed to be neutral and have sanctions against them if they go left or right. Not sure about that reliability either. I guess that is why this generation questions everything.

Today I found some articles interesting. Here are the quips I got from the various sources (now I am paraphrasing so don't hate the blogger):

1. Millenials favor socialism because they have never captured the feeling of the American Dream, make less than their parents do at that age, and have an astronomical debt from student loans. They also overemphasis equality at all levels. Does this mean everyone should make millions or live on the poverty level? (Ok. That was a Fargo joke)

This all stems from the after effects of the last recession as per the views of the writer. 

Geopolitics also shape their views such as looking at Norway and Sweden, thinking all socialists live in happy bliss and harmony. Studies show that as millenials climb the ladder of success, they start to think more conservative in their values. (*shudder* say it isn't so)

2. "Democrats are squishing free speech by over doing the PC policing in America." 

Ok. I have to help the unknowning peeps here because FREE SPEECH IS FREEDOM FROM UNWARRANTED PERSECUTION OR CENSORSHIP FROM YOUR GOVERNMENT. It has nothing to do with walking down the street talking to your neighbor or being at work or saying something to a group of people...UNLESS YOU ARE CENSORED OR JAILED OR RESTRAINED BY THE GOVERNMENT BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU SAID. Also...speaking out does not mean it doesn't come without consequences. So if Ethel Justice decides you suck or you offended someone and makes it go viral and people point at you or picket outside your home AND YOU WANT TO SUE FOR MONEY, it is not a violation of the First Amendment. ERG. This drives me crazy. Know your constitution. 

So...this is my perspective and interpretation of a right SHIFTED article is that the writer feels political correctness is endangering people's ability to feel free saying things without repercussions all the time, THUS, changing how we interact with each other and creating a lot of division. Whew. At least that is my interpretation. That we have gone so far one way to deter offensive language that we are making it ridiculous and then "offensive language" becomes overkill and division become the forefront. Just think...when I was a kid...almost anything went out your mouth (except cursing) without frownie faces.

Now things come out your mouth have to pass the "GASP TEST." In other words if the average, reasonable person would GASP IN HORROR because of what you are about to say...maybe rethink that and see if it is still OK to GASP or NOT OK to GASP with repercussions or frownie faces. Now I would agree in some sense that the open discussions have been squished and people don't FEEL free to express themselves as much or talk about hot topics. This makes me sad. Why? Because we need to talk about things in order to get better and not worry about being called a hater or a racist or a fascist.

I think we are entirely too sensitive. It makes me want to high five people in the face.