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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Vigilance Hours: The New Age of Police and ILLfacts

We should be more connected to the issues at hand in the nation plaguing our police officers. On average, one police officer dies every 58 hours. In the month of August, can you give me the number of how many were killed on duty? 14. Since August 26th? 5. Yet, the nation as a whole seems remotely aloof and continues on a disconnection path to the changes we are seeing in human behavior and mental breakage. Only those close to us know the real danger and horrifying truth of the matter.

And where is the president? Why hasn't he made a statement?

Am I surprised? No. Do I think he is anti-law enforcement? I think that might be a leap, but I am concerned he has an agenda which is not to publicly support the fallen officers' and their families nor rally for law enforcement... but to rally for fallen black citizens. What does this mean?

I can only give you my opinion since I can't read his mind. I am very talented, but I don't have ESP, only ESPN...which I discontinued because well, I cut off a lot of cable to downsize my television package to save some money. Anycrazyleadership, I think he wants to portray himself as a president who put civil rights and black lives matter movement above everything else. Maybe he places himself in a catagory with Martin Luther King.

*Record scratch. *

Erch. The wheels on the bus don't go round.

I am a naysayer and say his place in history would be more along the lines of Al Sharpton where a skewed view of right and wrong override the actual issues. The false narratives begin to take place and are dictated to the masses in a media viral rampage to make a statement of illfacts. That's a new word.

ILL=bad, imperfect, wrongly

Facts=reality, genuine or true

So in a general sense, it means bad reality or wrong reality...bad truth.

How do we combat bad truth? How do we retain law and order amongst the people? The only answer is to act. 

If you are law enforcement, you must be vigilant. You must lead by example. You must be alert. In the words of Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, you must be a "sheepdog."

As a police officer, your hightened awareness will possibly save you. Why are you being less than 100? I don't know. You can't afford to be. Why are you being negative, Fargo? Because right now, ambushes can happen in a matter of seconds and are unprecedented in numbers. Your career is more dangerous now than it was a year ago....five years ago.

People you think you might be able to read or thought you knew, are no longer readable. Be alert. 

Back your fellow officer on calls, stops, and report writing parking areas.

Patrol diligently.

Train tough. Train mean.  What do I mean by this? Don't half ass your training. Don't sleep in class. Get physcially fit. Learn or brush up on martial arts. Wear your vest. Carry off duty. Have all your gear in proper working order and top quality condition. Don't settle for broken down or mediocre.  Spend some money on you. It could save your life.

Make sure your vehicle is maintained and in top working order. That doesn't cost you a dime. It's all on the people.

Can you really afford to eat that donut? Assess yourself.

Go home to your family every night and be proud in uniform.

What have I done for law enforcement support? Not enough. 

(1) I pray every day for the safety of our law enforcment officials (2) I have placed a St. Michael's medallion inside an officer's vest when he lost his. Did I tell him about it? Yes. Is it silly? No. Every officer should have one. (3) I have put things on social media. (4) I have spoken out against those naysayers in person and on the internet. (5)I proudly display blue lights and flags at my home. (6) I teach my child to love and respect officers and obey the law. (7) I thank them in public for their service. (8) I respect them in private and public. (9) I donate to their charities and to the fallen by my service to their organizations, an item of need, or even a little monetary donation on occasion when I can.

If you are a citizen, you can promote through marketing of yourself and others the rights and not allow the wrongs of the situation. Executions of officers are not acceptable. To anyone. They should not be.

Citizens must unite to show support. However it is done...through an editorial in your local newspaper, Facebook, social media, letters to our national leaders, holding a sign on the street, talking to the news, decorating your house, your car, etc. You can do something if you feel compelled.

Or you can choose to do nothing and watch future events unfold on the news.

And why do we sit on our hands?

Oh, it's true that some across the nation have taken up in arms against this nonsense, but not the majority. Why aren't you out there shouting, protesting, spreading a message against this violence? Why are you silent? That is all I inquire.

Why are we silent?

We must not be anymore. We cannot afford to sit idlely by and hope for the best. We have to make positive change and try to prevent or reverse further damage to our country's state of mind.

And you must believe that if all good men do nothing, evil will prevail...because it will.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Stark Naked Updated

Blog Glog

My posting is sporadic if best. I think mostly because my life is filled with kiddo stuff and mom duties and my time to myself is limited. That's where you would find me in the past. Online writing a ditty. Now it's driving to and fro, watching sports, running, and trying to keep up with life. Life is kicking me in the booty.

It would be no surprise that editing the Boogie Man Is My Friend and rewriting the entire book is going at less than turtle speed.

After all, I have to now fit in time for my renewed love for fishing and cop friends. I have neglected many of my friends, actually, and I've missed the socialization.

Chug The Bug

The only thing I am sure of is my daughter is thriving in school here both in academics and sports. Her social life is average. The nice thing is all the moms keep a tight rein on their kids so I don't feel like a meanie weenie. For the most part, my daughter is top notch. We have our teenager-mother moments of holy shitness, but I am very proud of her.

Page The Wages

A hunt for a new job is constant in order for me to get ahead and not behind in life since my wages do not sustain life. No kidding. My inventory is now all sold from the store. Basically, I just got rid of it at a fire sale price. The release as the last item was sold was immense and I didn't realize how much that ate at me. Business is closed. Ah. Joy.

I'm tired of living below the poverty level. For reals. I've learned valuable lessons.

I'm still slated for Greece. That makes me excited about something.

Harry Potter Updates

Oliver continues to be the pantie thief. He is fast and furious. My new underwear were shredded in 2.5 seconds yesterday. My good ones. I can't afford anymore underwear additions and I am very picky about underwear. I do not like granny panties. I only like certain bikini styles and with my allergies, I have to be picky about fabric.  I'm not into chafing either. Therefore, we punt.

I have been very careful about putting clean ones away right away and he can't get them in my drawer...AND keeping dirty clothes out of reach until laundered. However, Bug is not. She is a misguided teenager living in bliss. Well, I wish the examples would be her undies not mine. She just takes laundry out willy nilly and throws it on the sofa without folding any of the clothes or putting them away. Grr. It eats my goat. And I don't even have any goats. I think we just need to resort to all being stark naked like times of Adam and Eve and heck with this humility and vanity. It would be cheaper.

Murphy and Moose are very clingy. It's odd, really. I often wonder if it isn't because they sense my sickness and battle with skin issues right now. Maybe they try to heal me with love or fur ball osmosis. Perhaps they have some voodoo magic.

Both of them snuggle up to me and lay their heads on my shoulders, lap, or feet. It feels like Otis squared. Oliver continues to growl at both of them when they get too close to his territory, but he is fickle and it is only when Sasha Fierce shows up, his alter ego. Otherwise, they all three surround me. Bug is not a fan and tries to deter their attention to her.

That's about it. I'm a ball of fire, I tell ya.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tough Talk

This is going to be a rough ride. Most people might click off or go whisper around town that I have let the cheese slip off my cracker. It was brushed upon slightly in my last book if you read it.

So what really happens to cops in certain assignments? Like undercover work. Drugs? Prostitution? If they are doing online surfing for child predators, do they skate over to delve into the deviance of unlawful solicitation? No. In fact, that question might enrage people. WTF?

What's up with all that, Fargo? Where you comin' frem and wher' ewe goin' ta? Wall I well tell ewe.

Isn't hillbilly writing fun?

This might be more meaningful than my words.

Anyway, basically...sometimes you get some mental damage or mental garbage...i.e mind channeling dyscombobulation...going on in your head which may or may not be recognized by yourself or others.

Whew. That was a lot of science in one sentence.

For example, when I had a case involving a creepy creeper child molester (yes, that includes all of them) with multiple child victims and the cases included creepy touching, fetishes, and brutual mental or physical victimization...I sometimes went through periods of time where I could not have sex with my husband. I didn't want to. Anguish. That would describe it. It wasn't like the well went dry to be blunt. It was all up in the head and trickled down to the vagina and no desire. In fact the thought grossed me out a time or two. Nothing against my husband at the time. But I was broken.


Yes, there will be those naysayers out there who say..."Oh, you are just a girl and it is just a hole, stop saying you didn't haven any desire or things didn't want to work that way. Excuses. Lube it up and go." And those who say "a man is sensitive and we can understand about the kiddos, but the vajayjay takes a pounding and no big deal."

See. I still have some issues with wording from my cop days. It just all comes out like that. Crude and shit.

Did I seek any assistance like counseling or some super hot sex therapy or some sexual study?


Was there a magic pill to take?



Cuz there wasn't any. I didn't ask a doctor. Besides, Viagra was new. There was no Viagra for women and that wouldn't have cured the images in my head that were messing with my thoughts. I mean, when a 79 year old tells you the 3 year old was promiscuous and wanted it...it fucks you up. Especially, when you see the sexual assault aftermath to the child.



I couldn't even talk about it to my husband. Conveniently I would find something to kill that moment whether it was exhaustion, more work, kiddo stuff, or stalling. Occasionally I would have a drink to take the edge off and just be dutiful.

He sometimes noticed I wasn't myself. Or that I was not enjoying anything.

I lied about it.


Not cool.

Anyway...along came some decompression time...patrol duty...and the sexual revolution of me in my 40's. Wahoo! I was alive and horny. Like way.

It still continues. Not the dysfunction. Anyway. TMI.

Endorphins run high at my house! Woop! Woop!

Now you know the rest of the story.

You're welcome.

Speaking of mind gunk...

Recently, I realized my antisocial behavior and decompression mode has actually damaged my fun meter and now that I am back at being a social person at work and in my personal life with fishing and cop culture...I feel a little sunshine coming back. And confidence. I'm running and racing. Not winning the pack, but not last. Family (Bug and dogs) stuff is going full bore again.

Yet, I still love my independence and alone time. So I need to find a balance. When you are in the fog of war, you are oblivious to what goes on around you sometimes and how things affect you until it is over. It is true with work issues, depression, family drama, and decompressing from cop life. You just know you aren't on par and sometimes you aren't really happy. It sucks monkey ballz actually. You have to figure it out.

I was in a rut for a long time. Here is briefly what I learned...actually...it's the stripped down commando version...

Book writing saved me during the serial killer moments. Running has helped me physically and mentally. Food is energy, not a crutch. I must never stop drinking on occasion and smelling the roses to make sure they do smell.

And sometimes when life hits you in the kiester, you need to use butt salve and move on with it.

Yep. There it is.

This is new and can't be used by cops.


That all needed to be said.


Because I know I was not alone out there.


I know.