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Monday, April 20, 2015

The White Jacket is the New Black

Sick Bug. Poop. Shit. It sucks. I worry about her. Puked on the bus today. Wheels on the bus go round and round. Eeek. Sorry, kids. Hopefully there were no chain pukers on there.

She is so pitiful when she is sick. It hurts my heart. So...I have been pampering her and I skipped my workouts and jujitsu to be with her right after she got home.

The fuzzy bears are helping as they always do by being mindful of her puny self and snuggling beside her. Up and down, up and down. I think we all as a herd of elephants caring for Bug went up and down the stairs about 2 bazillion times.

Got my B12 crack attack about 8:40 PM. 109 squats, dishes, three loads of laundry, caring for the Bug, feeding and caring for dogs, garbage, art project, and personal hygiene. I'm still going. I was really tired up until then. I need some good sleep.


I must check in on the Bug, so I will be up all night.

Dancing with the Stars was on before The Following -which I am disappointed in-first season was great, now we are getting a little cray cray-but it's Kevin Bacon. You know, he still has his swagger from Footloose. I think it is just the way he walks. He is a most hawt man and I want to see him in Dubois with his band some time one August. It's on the Bucket List. It's a long list, so I better not die anytime in the oh...let's say...200 years or so.

Anyballroom, DWTS is fun. Bug and I like to watch it sometimes. I must say that Rumer Willis is absolutely stunning. Where did that time go? She is a beautiful combo between her mom and dad. Amazingly striking. I didn't watch the entire show but the few I did watch, they were all getting bad scores.

Soze...it's just me and the red rugs...or is that Murph? I love sleeping babies. I just want to pet them. Not like last night when I was petting Bug's slipper with my foot but I thought it was Murph. Yeah. Disturbing. Three men were outside my front door later with a nice white jacket for me and a van. At first I thought a serial killer had arrived, but it was Vern and Benny from that farm I like. They're so crazy. To think they wanted me to wear that jacket on backwards. It reminded me of Michael Jackson's red jacket he used to wear in the 80s. Only instead of zippers, they had these cool straps with silver buckles.
Oh, Michael. You so silly. Maybe you were on to something there...fashion statement or life premonition?
Speaking about crazy...how about that Hillary? While Walmart is retaliating against their employees, I couldn't help but think we should inquire if she is running the Evil Empire because retaliating against her peeps is something right up her alley. Oh, wait. They just die. Or something.
How about that new book coming out on her and Bill's Financegate? Won't that be interesting. Not sure it will do what it intends because Unlimited Access did nothing to dent their political stance. It only told us cops what we already knew from behind the scenes. Like...how she hates cops and talks down to them and she is just mean. I am impressed I could probably challenge her to a match of how many f bombs one could use in a sentence. No one believes me when I say she is mean. From experience.
And how about those secret Secret Service disclosures I got back in the day when I didn't even have to sleep with any of them to get the scoop? And they NEVER talk about our LEADER ever, but they did them. And vowed to still take a bullet for them because they have sworn to it and their duty means more than anything. I'd like to be dedicated like that, but I question my integrity on that matter.
For instance...if I had to save a baby from a moving bus or Hillary...well...I'm sorry, but babies are cute and everyone loves a hero who saves a baby. At least Hillary would go out a legend of some sorts and perhaps then the truth would be revealed. Why is it that the truth of the matters does not get disclosed until someone dies or decades go by when documents get declassified? Gee whiz, does the government really believe we are all that gullible? Those aren't real questions, silly. They are more like statements with that funny whoopsa daisy symbol at the end. I remember that from first grade...whoopsa daisy symbol. Strange right. B12. It brings clarity. Or something.
Where did I lay that pretty white jacket?
The problem is they don't care if they have the people's trust so long as they don't have to admit or reveal anything, it didn't happen. True that for most politicians of any sorts.
I had a workshop today which was most excellent and the presenter was talking sidebar with us and somehow we got on the topic of our country, leaders, and business management. She said what we all were thinking...that our country better get on it and get a clue before we tumble and the rest of the world flies right past us. Do you think they will pick us up on the fly by? Uh. No. Everyone kicks a superhero when their down. Duh. You can be Batman and save the world, but if the world grows and Batman still drives a 1955 T bird Batmobile...you can bet he becomes the Joker.

Now that some art! Photo credit: Pinterest

For the first time, I felt I was in the wrong world today. I wore a beautiful amethyst cross necklace which was worn with pride during the Bush homicide, seeing how he had been a self-proclaimed atheist, I felt I should have Jesus out there like a neon sign. Do you know how many people complimented me on my necklace? One lady next to me at workshop, my eye doctor, my doctor's receptionist. That's it. I mean this thing is stunning. Want to know how many people made fun of me or pointed or said some derogatory comment about praying? Yeah. I was stunned.
If you walk around Wyoming with a cross around your neck and a cross on your purse, you are considered part of the scenery and people flock to find out where you got your stuff and compare it with their stuff and their shirt with a cross on it and that Texas star bracelet and those bling bling jeans with angel wing pockets. Cowgirls wear that stuff all the time. Plus my purse has a cowhide cross so that makes it cooler.
Here...I'm a toad in a frog pond.
I guess I look at my fashion sense as a common thing.
Even thugs wore crosses or had them as tattoos.
We had conversations at work about how anti-Christian the academia world has become and we must neutral down and not be throwing Jesus up all in there and in front of every one. Since when did wearing a cross necklace become politically incorrect or questioned? I see my Jewish friends with the star of David. I see Catholics with their rosaries. I see Muslims in prayer. Some employees have Buddha on their desk. It's all crazy. Except Jesus has been exiled. I embrace the differences and don't criticize anyone for standing to their religious principles, whatever they are. Sometimes I ask questions because I am curious and I like to know about different religions in a learning sense.
Now...if you are on the extreme end like the KKK or ISIS, then...well...I might introduce you to Vern and Benny. And I would be a little judgy. There are exceptions to my nobility, you know.
Ok. It's time to go to bed now. I feel the crack attack adrenaline dump.
This post was brought to you by B12, the letter C, and the color white. 


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Aged Out


After returning to my normal routine of home activities, I find it refreshing. My race on Saturday proved my progress is going according to plan as I shaved off 4 minutes and 32 seconds from my time. This may not be a big deal to many, but to me, it is a monumental achievement. It was 80s and humid. I was concentrating so  much on my pace, I missed all the water stations. I did suffer some heat exhaustion but recovered by nightfall.

Jack Sprat killed the cat! In the midst of all this heat, I killed the George Jones dead. My lawn looks like a botched Brazilian. I have to approach Sheriff Mike about fixing my macheen but he is off to having eye surgery and it looks like I might bale hay by dawn. Not sure about solutions. Perhaps some garage saling might be in order this weekend.

I mean, really. Lord Farquaad complains about my circles. Can you imagine what he will say when he sees my back yard? He might go and mow it himself like he does my side yard. He is an OK dude but an ornery cuss.

Finally, I feel things are in order again and my response to my new lifestyle is positive. Not only do I have energy to accomplish the simplest tasks, but I can see my personal goals on the horizon this time. That's no joke. It used to take all I had to vacuum or fold clothes. It was the fact I can't live in total squalor that kept those things in order. No longer is there a gloomy forecast or pessimistic reactions when my mind thinks one way and my body goes another.

I find it odd I was not in tune with the steady decline and reality escaped me. Who was I fooling? And why? Was it monetary based? Was it denial? Was it being stuck in a rut and not knowing how to get the wagon out? I'm not sure. Your body is your castle. Don't be a dumbass like me. Get it fixed. Make it work properly. Stop being a stupid head.

The next stage of medical bills came in this weekend and instead of crying myself to sleep over them, I put them on the table and said, "Yep. Gotta make payments again and again and again." I laugh because my income has been reduced by 100 dollars a month from increasing taxes and benefit contributions on insurance which pays out less. WTF, govn't?   It's all good. Drink your Mimosas on the White House lawn. This time being middle poor...it will not defeat me. Well, what can they squeeze out of me? Nothing. They can make my life miserable by calling me every day but in the long run I can only pay what I can pay per month and that is the way it is. I'm pretty sure Paul Harvey said that.

Now I only feel travel restricted and long to return home to see the land I love and the people there who make me feel near family. BUT---I will get there. I just can't move around like I used to because of funds and vacation time.

Maybe it's time for a transition to another job. I am a little leery right now because I am now in the "unemployable" age. NO one wants an old lady with a bachelor's degree and experience. I never thought I would see the day that bachelor's degrees have become obsolete. Why do we do this to our kids? Why then don't they have a new employable educational system which does not bankrupt everyone. Academia are snobs. They do not value brains, the person before them, nor experience. It is only your title which matters.

I have become more and more accustomed to Indiana and not so tied up in my demise and choices of regret or states of confusion. Maybe it's the B12. Maybe I'm growing up or growing old. Egads! Run for your life, Batman!

I did start a craze at work. There are now 5 people on B12 or B12 complex. I am not sure how they are fairing and none of them are taking the B12 shots which are supposed to be a significant difference. I guess I might know the success if they start running around like crackheads.

Oh...and for those who spy? I am a good parent. I have wonderful friends here who help me when I need it and love my Bug like their own. They also take care of her and have "aunt" days and her friends (I've done NCIC checks on the whole family btw) have sleepovers and go to events as well.  I have a wonderful daughter which shows because of my family structure, values, and influence...despite my struggle with her teenage years. She does retain the slob habits of her father, but for the most part she is a bright star like me. So...piss off. If he has a problem or question with my parenting, he can surely call me. But if you feel you must go run tattle about my daily doings, then go forth. Last I knew, he could read and has access to this blog if he wished to view it. I could care less what he does on a daily basis. Oh, yes...Bug was at my race cheering me on and monitored by friends because (gasp) a 14 year old can't be on the sidelines of an event by herself secured by police officers and university staff. (gah). The next race we are doing together.

I love my Bug. I love my dogs. Family is most awesome. And my guns. Guns are awesome. I have many.

Now...to get to the range...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Password Required for Asses and Masses

Returning from Milwaukee...let me just say...I had a BLAST! What a fun place. Of course, their motto is: "Milwaukee is full of history, come drink it in."You can imagine it is lush with bars and such and beer selections and drinks and things related to drinks like brats and steaks and great food and great drinks and music and drinks. I found it so much fun.

Loved the Milwaukee Public Market...

Milwaukee Public Market
I would live there on weekends for fresh food shopping. It's a high class fresh food market with little restaurants and every kind of food, spices, kitchen gadgets, coffee galore, and et cetera.

Anybrew, I would go there again.

I found The County Clare to be most Irish awesome...

The County Clare Irish Inn and Pub

and The SafeHouse...well, it was da bomb diggety. EVERYONE must experience this place...or be square...

The SafeHouse in Milwaukee: http://www.safe-house.com/

Seriously. Very.Cool. I wanted to apply for a job there. You have to know the password to get in. I knew it...and then forgot and had to do a hula dance to get in. Of course, the whole bar watched on camera my moves.

So...much to do and explore, but I had limited time after sessions and workshops. I did get a kick out of the panhandlers stopping us every so often. I do believe NONE of them had teeth or at least they didn't have them in and all were trying to get somewhere ELSE. Like. Chicago. Whatever. Humor me. It was like I was at work only I could only imagine the NCIC hits on them and the fact that they looked dirty but did not stink. They must have put on their "work" clothes to get money for cigs and brews. Maybe they were homeless imposters.

Rolling along to the previous post and days events...the next night...

My boss did mention the next day he felt the comments about Republicans were quite bold upon a first meeting of a person. "I was thinking...OOOOOoo....Kathryn's blood is boiling. I was waiting for you to unleash, but you were very nice about it." It was funny. He knows my nice is snarky nice. 

The rest of the conference was uneventful with brain overload. 

Chicago speed limit signs: guidelines. It was fun to drive fast once again. 

Meanwhile back home. I missed it. I missed Bug. I missed the puppies. 

Again, I have failed to get to the range due to rain. WTF, Mother Nature. 

And no surprises here...I have been drilled at work and online and in person and on the phone and everywhere about the police shootings...OK and SC.  First of all, let me say...the MEDIA sucks ballz. I am so upset at that pregnant female (yes, I know females can be pregnant, males cannot) CNN anchor in the morning. The one who is a brunette with long hair. Can't remember her name, but she is OUT OF CONTROL. Some of the questions she posed to viewers..

OK case:

1. Did he actually shoot the man INTENTIONALLY? WTF...seriously. Lady. The old guy made a grave mistake. Intentional. You bring that up on the first few minutes of the breaking story? This is what is wrong with American media...they skew things and get the masses riled up before any facts are out. Now...is this case a disaster? Yes. I sure would hate to be that police chief, let alone the volunteer officer. I could go on like...age issue, training issue, buying the badge, and WTF is a volunteer doing on an undercover gun trafficking operation. Fuck me in the ass. Ok. I will end there. It is a tragedy all the way around. AND...continuing on CNN's bullshit making the suspect a saint of a victim. Seriously? The dude's jacket is longer than the skids in Hillary's underwear. Not that I would know...but I can just imagine. Anyterriblereporting...I love the questions to the family...soft spoken...tilt the head.."I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure you remember him as a wonderful brother and family man." DUDE. The dude was a felon and still committing some serious crime. But...oh...he was a good man. Fuck me in the ass. Can we not just be straight up? Yes, there is a manslaughter charge and rightfully so...we'll see what a good lawyer buys as far as a verdict. Shameful, but money does buy freedom. Police department sanctions...oh boy. Watch as some leaders resign or get terminated. I am just glad I am no where near that fiasco. Harry Houck was a guest on CNN during the first days of this story breaking and I liked his answers and statements to the Brunette Dingbat anchor. He was straight up. 

2. SC dude. Just wow. I don't have all the facts and the ones unfolding are bizarro. WTF was he thinking? I don't know. Mental disaster. Anyhow...the news...again...full of idiot reporters who have no inkling of law enforcement procedures. When the officer video/audio of Slager being given NEUTRAL crisis advice from a fellow officer who told him to write things down...and telling him the police procedures...that was basic shit. Hello. Idiots who don't know Garrity rights and warnings to officers and any thing else law enforcement related...shut the fuck up. Do some research. The media jumps out their asses to stir up the masses. That..I should coin as a rhyme. I have been yelling at the television over some really lousy national reporting on all networks. Really biased. Really lousy. Wow. It's like Charlie Brown's teacher is given a mic and told to sit pretty in front of the television and say this. Do they have to have any ethics or research done or hard questions? Fuck me in the ass. I'm not saying this officer is innocent by any means. He was charged with murder.

And now the media are experts on how people react during an adrenaline dump or dynamic crisis. I have seen people laugh, cry, stare, faint, yell, whatever. Gah. I am so over media assumptions. What happened to the truth? What happened to facts and not summations?

Now...could the reporters ask  legitimate good questions about this case and unfold FACTS instead of sensational melodrama? It's all I'm asking. It's a simple question. 

Fuck me in the ass.